Towards the future with tradition

Double- spindle machining centers DSP

Machining example - brake disks:

Position-oriented perforation of ventilated brake disks offering the following advantages:

  • Automatic identifi cation of different brake disks with different hole patterns
  • Automatic turning of brake disk
  • Identifi cation of ventilation ribs
  • No multi-spindle boring tool-holders required
  • Tool wear and breakage monitoring
  • Cycle time: 49 seconds for 110 holes

Machining example - cone bearing rings:

Face turning and 12 x drilling/threading M18 x 1.5 in large cone bearing rings

  • Automatic identifi cation and machining of pitch circles Ø100 to Ø170
  • Tool wear and tool breakage monitoring
  • Cycle time: 61 seconds



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