Towards the future with tradition

End machining centres EBZ

EBZ 60, Work piece lengths of up to 500 mm, with restrictions up to approx. 750 mm:

  • Self-loading machine (pick-up principle)
  • Easy and low-cost automation possible
  • May be integrated into existing machine Systems

EBZ 60, Work piece lengths of up to 900 mm:

  • Very fast feeding and discharge of work piece through the center or thorugh the hatch from above
  • Simultaneous processing, two 3-aixs modules, each with a 6-station crown turret

EBZ 200,  Work piece lengths of up to 750 mm:  

  • End machining center with faster and more flexible loading and unloading by articulated robots or portal
  • Two 3-axis modules, each with a fast and powerful 8-station crown turret

EBZ 250, Work piece lengths of up to approx. 2,500 mm:

EBZ 400, Work piece lengths of up to 4,500 mm:

  • Modular machine concepts comprising multiple parts
  • Two 3-axis modules are used to machine the ends independently of one another
  • Loading by means of linear gantries, articulated robots, shop cranes

EBZ 400-CNG for machining CNG cylinder necks

  • Cylinder dimensions up to Ø 400 and 2,500mm in length
  • Cutting the length, core-hole boring, plain milling, outside and inside Ø, thread milling
  • Cycle time: < 60 sec.

      A machine is normally comprised of:

  • Three machining stations
  • Gantry loader with two vertical units
  • Turning station with integrated vaccuum cleaning system
  • Hydraulic clamping station
  • Chip conveyor
  • CNC control Siemens 840D solutionline


Short machining and auxiliary process times:

  • Rapid traverse rates of up to 60 m/min of all axes
  • Simultaneous machining possible resulting, ideally, in halving of machining times
  • Revolver indexing time < 1 sec.


High flexibility:

  • Tailored to the manufacturing job to be handled
  • One-stop solutions for machines, loading devices and automation components, i.e. gripping assemblies, magazines etc., starting from the idea via design up to fabrication.


Varied optional devices for optimal adaptation:

  • Various tool carrier systems and magazines
  • Selectable tool holders
  • Tool breakage control
  • Minimal quantity lubrication or cooling lubricant system with band filter, also as optional high pressure version up to 90 bar
  • Tool and process monitoring
  • Customized automation components
  • Measuring sensors
  • Work piece-specific collet chuck
  • U-axis




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