Towards the future with tradition


The beginning, part 1    
29.May.1919 The engineers Johannes Liebert and Arthur Gürtler from Chemnitz established the firm Liebert&Gürtler in Döbeln
1920s lathe from the firm Liebert&Gürtler 
1929 The 2,000th lathe leaves the plant, the quantity of employees is 80 
  in Spring 1934 Moving to the Alexanderstr.6 in Döbeln
1940 The number of employees increases to 350, but then decreases atthe beginning of the war against the Soviet Union zo 200 
At the beginning of 1945 Until the early of 1945, the legendary VDF lathe was also built at Liebert & Gürtler 
May - Octorber 1945 Disassambly of the entire plant under the supervision of a Soviet disassembly direction - the temporary end of mechanical engineering in Döbeln

Come back, part 2
  by the end of 1949 Every work was welcome, someone  welded pots, someone repaired hand cart and damaged fireboxes of the locomotive
from 1950 Finally a self-developed precision mechanic lathe was manufactured in series
from the end of 1950 to 1966 Over 3,000 pieces of the precision screw cutting and bar lathe DLZ 300,the finest lathe FD 145 and FD 150  were assemblyed and delivered all over the world
1965 The star turret lathe DRSF 40a with pneumatic control, known with the nickname "Piff Paff-", was the best technical product. Here is the Liebert & Gürtler signet and til now  also with the worldwide renowned WMW trademark 
  1972 This year Liebert & Gürtler was forced  nationalize. The company changed its name to VEB Wekzeugmaschinenfabrik Döbeln 
1980 The company was assigned as rationalization solution plant to  the machine tool association "October 7" Berlin. From now on, the company traded under the name VEB RASOMA Döbeln
1980-1989 In the 80s, special purpose machines and automation solutions were mainly built for all kinds of industries. But the DRSF 40a was further developed and continued to be built during this period 
  1990-1993 After unsuccessful search for an investor, the plant should be liquidated in 1993 
1993  Mr. Jürgen Kamm and Peter Kaiser with a MBO concept

Come back, part 3
from 1993 Initialy automations solutions were mainly developed which til now is a part of tasks of Rasoma 
by the end of 1998 From the late 90s, the self-developed  tool machines are produced again, for example, the DS series vertical lathes , which are constantly developed and built til today! 
01.08.2002 The flood has damaged the plant almost

Come back, part 4
Octorber 2002 In October, the mechanical production  is resumed 
2003 The Managing Director and part of the employee before the newly constructed assembly hall 
from 2004 The end machining centre with automatic loading system was 
  from 2005 special purpose machines for mass production are increasingly developed and built again 
2007 Redevelopment of the end machining center EBZ 250
2008 Sales department moved in the newly built premises
spring 2009 Build a second assembly hall
2010 Development and construction of the first vertical lathe of the DZS series 
2012 Erweiterung des Portfolios bei der Endenbearbeitung mit der EBZ 400 Expansion of the portfolio of the end machining centre with EBZ 400 for undualed parts with the length up to 4,500mm
2014 Development and building of the new series FZS - modular manufacturing centres 
2015 Development and building of the vertical- 4 axis- shaft turning centre DWS
September 2016  Acquisition of the majority stake by the NSH-Group