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Efficient machining of stator housings for e‑mobility


Newly-developed, patented process for efficient simultaneous machining of stator housings (inner housing) for E‑Mobility


  • Semi-finishing up to 8 times faster
  • Efficiency increase of up to 100 % compared to conventional turning process
  • Compact Machine Mounting due to Vertical Machining




  • Serial production solution for efficient ID and OD machining of pot-shaped stator housings by means of a simultaneous turning process
  • Substitution of separate OD turning processes (roughing) by an integrated process of ID and OD machining
  • Significant reduction in machining time
  • Increase in economic efficiency




  • Pot-shaped stator housings of e‑mobility with inner and outer contour
  • High requirements for form and position tolerances 
    • Fit tolerances IT6
    • Cylinder shapes between 20 and 30 µm
  • High requirements for concentricity up to 0.05mm




Process Setup

  • Multi-spindle turning center with tool turret
  • Vertical test setup


Expansion stages for serial production:
  • Integration of further machining units through modular design
  • Automatic loading and unloading of workpieces via pick-up
  • Integration of in-process measuring equipment



Simultaneously Semi-Finish-Machining

  • Use of special internal boring tools and self-developed external bell tools, which enable machining of the inner and outer contour in parallel
  • Vibration-damped machining on the thin-walled workpiece through simultaneous operation of the inner and outer tools
  • Simultaneous rotary movement of workpiece and inner tool with stationary outer tool
  • Up to 8 times faster machining for the internal and external roughing processes due to simultaneous machining and higher number of cutting edges (4‑fold cutting edges)
  • Lower torque on the clamping device due to counter-rotating cutting forces of internal and external machining (compared to single internal machining)
  • Automated parts handling (pick-up)
  • Reduced re-clamping processes





  • Simultaneous ID and OD machining of pot-shaped stator housings
  • Substitution of separate OD machining processes (roughing)
  • Reduction of cycle time: Semi-finishing up to 8 times faster compared to conventional turning processes
  • Less re-clamping operations
  • Efficiency increase of up to 100 % compared to conventional turning process
  • Increase in economic efficiency
  • Reduction of vibrations in the process



Other Fields of Application

Workpiece spectrum with tube and pot-shaped geometry e.g.
  • E‑mobility stator housings
  • Aluminum castings
  • Heat sinks for hybrid engines
  • Tube-flange couplings for the oil and gas industry
  • Bearing and housing components for general mechanical engineering
  • Workpieces for the plastics industry